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Valter Da Rocha Fernandes CpE Member

Personal information

  • HS Health Sciences
  • LS Life Sciences
  • MU Multidisciplinary
  • PS Physical Sciences
  • SH Social Sciences & Humanities
# Name Links Major Area Area
1 Natália Bezerra MOTA CpE Indefinida Indefinida
2 Sidarta Tollendal Gomes RIBEIRO CpE Ciências Biológicas Bioquímica
Figure 1. Number of publications per year and by type, considering all publications.
    No publications presented at events were identified in the Lattes Curriculum.
  1. Health Sciences Psychiatry and Mental Health
  2. Social Sciences & Humanities Education
  3. Social Sciences & Humanities Psychology (miscellaneous)
  1. Life Sciences Neuroscience (miscellaneous)
    No published books were identified in the Lattes Curriculum.