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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the search work?

Each term is searched in the title of all publications by all researchers. If the filter "publications per year" is activated, the search is restricted to the period that comprises the start and end years indicated therein. The results are presented in descending order of frequency, followed by the total number of publications and, finally, in the alphabetical order of the researchers' names.

How were the researchers appearing in this platform selected?
List of terms related to neuroscience, psychology or education:

Access the following link to view the list of terms generated in step 1 of this platform: words.

When the database was collected

The collection of Lattes curricula was carried out in 2021, october.

What do the terms mean? Freq, Eve, Jou, Cha, Boo and Tot in the results table? What does the term "topic modeling" mean?

The term "topics modelling" refers to the model called Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), from Blei et al. (2003). For more details on this technique, see the report available at the following link: Caracterização de documentos por meio de modelagem de tópicos.

What are the abbreviations T1, T2, T3, T4 and T5?

The abbreviations T1, T2, ..., T5 represent the five topics identified in the set of publication titles. Each publication has a score that ranks it in the five topics. See the following table to identify the terms that are most associated with each topic.

Abbreviation Name Topic Words
T1 Topic one Teacher education
formação professores física aprendizagem pesquisa escola escolar prática experiência matemática
T2 Topic two Children health
study brazilian analysis patients health children effect disease evaluation review
T3 Topic three Public administration
estado gestão sistema ambiental pública desenvolvimento social política município rede
T4 Topic four Nursing and patients
enfermagem diferentes pacientes atenção fatores efeito tratamento família perfil diabetes
T5 Topic five Sociology and politics
vida social sociais idosos políticas adolescentes crianças mulheres direito jovens
How to quote the CpE platform

R. Lent, D. Foguel, M. Z. Guimarães, D. Botaro, J. P. Mena-Chalco. Science for Education network: The Brazilian proposal. In book: Developing Minds in the Digital Age: Towards a Science of Learning for 21st Century Education. OECD Publishing, Paris. 2019.

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