CpE Platform

Search for topics and find experts


The Cpe Network, together with the Ayrton Senna Institute, D'Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR), and Somos Education, make the CpE Platform available free of charge. The tool makes it possible to identify researchers in the field of Education and scientists from different areas of knowledge, whose work impacts or has the potential to impact educational problems. With the support of computational tools developed by the Scientometrics Group of ABC Federal University (UFABC) it is possible to identify researchers through search terms. Among the universe of researchers available in this Platform, about 177 are members of the CpE network. The others were identified as researchers in the intersection area between Science and Education, linked to different research institutions in the country.


CpE Platform presents data gathered from the Lattes Platform, an open access database maintained by CNPq. The names selected in the searches do not necessarily have an institutional link with the CpE network, representing only researchers whose work has impacts on Brazilian Education. If your name appears on the CpE Platform and you want it removed, please write to contato@cienciaparaeducacao.org.